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One Click Miner

NiceHash Miner Download
NiceHash QuickMiner ( beta) Download
myMiner 2.25a Download


Phoenix Miner 5.9d Download
Team Black Miner 1.28 Download
NSFminer 1.3.14 Download

Equihash, Ethash & more

GMiner 2.73 Download
lolMiner 1.37 Download
miniZ 1.8y3 (1.8y4rc2 beta) Download
Bminer 16.4.9 Download

Multiple Algorithms

T-Rex Miner 0.24.7 Download - for NVIDIA
TT-Miner 6.2.0 Windows & Linux - for NVIDIA
Z-ENEMY 2.6.2 Download - for NVIDIA
CryptoDredge 0.26.0 Download - for NVIDIA
Team Red Miner Download - for AMD
WildRig Multi 0.31.1 Download - for NVIDIA & AMD
NBMiner 40.1 Download - for NVIDIA & AMD
Nanominer 3.4.4 Download - for NVIDIA & AMD
Kawpowminer 1.2.4 Download - for NVIDIA & AMD


XMRig 6.16.1 Download
SRBMiner Multi 0.8.4 Download
XMR-STAK-RX 1.0.5 Download


XMR-Stak 2.10.8 Download
XMRig 2.14.6 AMD & 2.14.5 NVIDIA
SRBMiner 1.9.4 Download

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It adjusts to your screen, receives notifications, works offline and you can add it to your home screen.
All features are described in this presentation.
For questions, comments and feature requests please visit my Bitcointalk thread.
You can find an interview with the developer of TT-Miner here.
You can find links to mining pools & calculators here.

Donations are welcome but not neccessary, you can also donate your hash power to the ETH, ETC, ZEC, BEAM, RVN and ERG addresses below on ethermine.org

BTC: bc1qs6jyv7pagfydh0vaym4lsx8uw7ht7wyqa4je0h
BCH: qrxfxs80j0y0k0enmct9f4r442cqpw986vzwn6tx9e
BSV: qpv8336wgrrgcw2n4l4qe2qqn0kcksfjxcyehukyan
BTG: GUk72fk4nWjqvnvNr2ToSwsmMC3VZgL67d
ETH: 0x06E6e495083491492dea7E55f8233bA6f505beDc
ETC: 0xC27280d5350D1147a7105705978264641eE343f1
LTC: LV629Co7ni2ZgRK4R91V5k6x3QjYGESdiM
XMR: 49HyAYJaP8v7MX2wBX7egRQEjMpQBsyZDH6WBnwE7Pss7spWUHULn3UQetTa1UwaNgjjAnG1moymNP1aS7xZjBwJVDJ9mVN
DOGE: DPuXYMdmFeSoAZysif91gTaX4GZ2yvchTF
DASH: XwviZABEqRWMigaw6k29kZ3w9kvWd6JXDc
DCR: DsZqFSV5aqdj9jJZRF3ogzdmkHpfroR3xP3
ZEC: t1MkceK8fA1ZAEiTBfkc2giYrhzgLvybDJ6
ERG: 9h4uSbvoxeHMEcFiPVCVkycqN5N4V5ZoKyPphmRek2d5W64H9Hr